Your Body Confidence Boudoir Session

We've helped over 2,500 women like you see their true beauty for the first time. We're ready to do the same for you.

We know you may feel nervous about a boudoir portrait session. We're going to look after you, every step of the way.

A guided journey into body confidence and self-love, your time in the studio is ‘time out’ from the pressures, responsibilities and old insecurities that keep you down.
The images we capture are your lasting reminder of who you REALLY are - we're going to help you find her again.


"Just do it"


It was the scariest thing I've ever done, but actually the most empowering
thing I've ever achieved. I feel pretty damn good. Just do it. It was the best thing I've ever done.

Before your portrait session

We chat through everything. 
From what you're seeking to achieve from your session, to what to bring along to wear.
You will feel ready, prepared, and, most likely still a little nervous - that's normal, so just go with it.
You're very welcome to come and visit us at the studio, before the date of your session, for a look around, and a chat. Just let us know when, and we'll put the kettle on.
We can show you plenty of images of women, just like you, who felt just as nervous, beforehand.

If you have any doubts over choosing lingerie to wear for your body confidence boudoir session, we can even arrange a virtual shopping session. Just ask! Your provided lingerie guide will have lots of inspiration for you, too.

On the day

From the moment you arrive at our beautiful, bespoke studio, we're taking care of everything.
Need a hand carrying your bags in? No problem. Anna will greet you at your car (there is parking right outside).

Your stylist will be ready to do your hair and make-up to perfection - however you would like it to be done. She'll have plenty of ideas for you, too, if you want to sit back and leave her to it.

Robin will look through images with you, and then tailor your session towards what you want it to be. It’s not just our clever camera angles that will give you confidence in the studio, it’s our ability to see you for who you are, and help you shine.

Walk in scared; walk out strong: empowered by your own new-found


After your portrait session

We'll invite you back to view your gorgeous images around a week after your body confidence portrait session.

Here, we will take things slowly. There's a lot to take in, as your perspective on how you look shifts. I recommend bringing a hankie, as this can get emotional!

Our product range is designed to reinforce your feelings of empowerment - from our 'Self-Love Storyboard' to our individual mounted portraits, your images are your lasting reminder of what you can achieve, when you dare to step outside of your comfort zone.

They will inspire confidence in yourself, every time you look at them, so we recommend making some space on your wall, so that you can admire yourself often!

Ready to chat? I'm on hand to answer all of your questions

Anna Smart

Call - 01993 210081
Email - anna@smartphotography.co.uk

Get in Touch

Session Fee - £199

  • Pre-session planning
  • Lingerie guide provided (or virtual personal shopping, on request)
  • Hair and make-up styled as you want it
  • Fully guided portrait session, including the poses you choose
  • Private image viewing
  • Improved body confidence -  guaranteed