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Who’s That Girl?

The one that almost every woman wishes she was more like?

It's a funny one this, because, back in the day, many of us didn't really like her at all. We certainly didn't idolise her, or consider her to be in any way aspirational.
Yet, here we now are, every time we look in the mirror, wishing we could see her reflected back. Trying to make ourselves more like her.
How times change!

We weren't even nice to her, at the time

So many of us were deeply unkind to her.  And don't think that stuff doesn't stick, because it does. We can't go back 20, 30 years and apologise. We have to live with how we behaved towards her, and the consequences of how we spoke to her. It's shaped who we are now, even if we never even think about it.

She was everything we're not

Back then we may not have thought she had a figure to die for, but what we'd give for it now!
And just to be that young. To not have our lives written over our ​bodies, and time written over our faces.

​Meanwhile she hasn't changed at all. How could we have not appreciated her at the time? Why can't we be like her now?

Hindsight's a wonderful thing

We may have come a little late to realising how utterly fabulous she was, but we got there in the end.

Now, though, we have to stop trying to be in competition with herThat moment has passed. We can take the traits we love - maybe her confidence, her attitude, whatever those aspects are of her personality that we wish we had a little more of now. But we're not going to look like her. We might feel the same age as her on the inside (newsflash - you get to look like a grown up without ever feeling like one), but we're not, and we need to be ok with that.

We don't need to be jealous

And we don't need to compete. So, she's not there in the mirror? We can still love the person who is.

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