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We do plus size boudoir

Yes, we do 'plus size boudoir'...

but the thing is, we just call it boudoir!

There are times in life, when you want something 'plus size'. Like when you don't just need a coffee, you need the 'grandest of grande' coffees. 

But if you're booking, say, a manicure, it's highly unlikely you need to book one that's 'plus size'.  When you go to the dentist, you don't need a 'plus size check up'. 

It's the same, for us, with boudoir portraits.  There are many questions I'll ask when we're chatting about your portrait session - your size is not one of them.  

I don't mean - 'we offer this, but we call it something else'. There's no 'Curvy Boudoir Session', or 'Voluptuous Boudoir Session' as we try to steer you towards an option that is right for you.

The fact is, there's no need for another option. Size doesn't matter. It doesn't change anything about how we're going to offer our service to you.

Your makeover won't somehow take longer.

Your portrait session isn't more complex.

Your images won't be less gorgeous.

If we're offering 'plus size boudoir' then the words 'plus size' relate to the service, not to you as a client.

- coming along to meet us first - that's a big plus!
- chatting through what to bring to to wear - that's a big plus!
- looking at images together, to find the ones you like the best - yep, big plus!
- champagne on arrival for your session - MASSIVE plus. Huge!

So, if we do offer plus size boudoir, we're happy to make it available to everyone.

Much love,

Had an amazing experience and I absolutely love my photos. 
Thank you.



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