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Waspies and suspender belts – yes or no?

Are waspies and suspender belts a guarantee of fabulousness?

Firstly, do you know what waspie is?

It's a 'waist cincher', so a bit like a corset, but specifically to sit around your waist. Traditionally boned, they were originally designed to create an hourglass figure, without being as full on as a corset.

With 'waist training' being in fashion, waspies are seeing something of a resurgence.

Nowadays, there are a lot of softer waspies around (so you can, you know, breathe), that look a bit like a very wide suspender belt.

So, a guarantee of vintage gorgeousness, right?
Not so fast!

Let's look at these in order.

Suspender belts

These are generally a reasonably thin band of material with suspender straps, to attach your stockings too.

They can be very flattering, but, as with all lingerie, it is really important to get the right size. A too small suspender belt is likely to cut into you.  Personally, I store my fat in rolls and something squeezing into the middle of that is not going to flatter - I'm just going to bulge unattractively over the top and bottom of it (I'll leave you with a mental picture, rather than an actual picture - thank me later.)

So, try on a suspender belt (you may need to size up) and see what happens when you move (ie bend). If it's disappearing, it's possibly not going to work for you.

On the other hand, it may just look amazing!

Soft waspies

Soft waspies are wider and therefore more likely to keep some structure and not disappear into folds of flesh - yay!

They do have a tendency to be sheer at the sides, which can be an issue for some of us, but generally, they're going to be more forgiving than suspender belts, just by virtue of having extra width that is less likely to dig in.

Waist cinching waspies

Out of all the waspies and suspender belts, waist cinching waspies are more in the category of 'firm control'. Nice and wide but also with a lot more structure (and often boning) they're going to:
1. pull your waist in to create that hourglass shape
2. be less likely to 'give way' to flesh

Again, it's a case of trying on though and also, not over cinching!

Take a look at this waist cincher from Kiss Me Deadly to get the idea.

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