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The Ultimate Feel-Good Photography Experience For Women

We would love to welcome you to our brand new Garden Studio, in Bampton, West Oxfordshire, for the ultimate feel-good photography experience for women.

Whilst we've been closed during lockdown, we've had plenty of time to take our feedback from clients over the last 15 years, and create something special.

A special portrait session, requires a special prop, so we commissioned a burlesque supplier to custom make these beautiful feather fans - just like burlesque performers use in their shows!

perfect boudoir shoot 1

(By the way, this image also won us the Boudoir Photographer of the Year title during lockdown, so we're pretty pleased with it!)

Over the years, we have learned our clients fears well (not least because I share many of them!)Here's what this shoot addresses:

  • No lingerie required. OK, you need some knickers, that really is it. I hate lingerie shopping and I know many of you do too.
  • Hate looking at the camera? Me too. There are so many options for looking away with these!
  • No need to love your face/hair/anything else. There are many options for anonymous shots that will be gorgeous, and 'hiding' shots, where you're just peeking out.
  • No need to feel self conscious at the shoot because - see above. You won't feel like anything's on show.
  • No pressure to be 'sexy'. 
  • This is the big one - No body confidence required - you can completely hide behind them if you want to!

We know women often feel certain shots won't work for them. We are very careful with the images we use in our marketing - they may look better than you 'think' you can achieve, they're really not!

Your ultimate feel-good shoot includes:

  • A pre-session image consultation, where we'll discover the poses you love. if you want to bring  along lingerie, you'll be able to choose from our entire portfolio to tailor your session.
  • Hair and make up by one of our pro stylists.
  • Posing guidance - we don't leave anything to chance!
  • 2 1/2 hours of time, all focused on you feeling fabulous. (How often does that happen?)
  • Your image viewing - hankies are provided, these get emotional! 

Who doesn't need to take some time to feel good about themselves in 2020?

Your ultimate feel-good portrait session awaits, and right now, the session fee is just £99 (instead of our usual £199).

To find out more, just fill in the form below (you're not committing to anything) and I'll be in touch.


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