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Time to Think About You

Self-love can seem impossible. Often not least because of feeling unworthy of it. We're all battling a complex range of emotions, whilst simultaneously dealing with the demands of family, jobs and countless other things.

It's easy, therefore to shelve self-love or self-care as something we just don't have time for.

Start by understanding that you are worthy of your own love. Take that as one of the most fundamental facts of life. If you can't, then simply substitute the words for 'self-care' or 'self-kindness' and give yourself permission to be kind to yourself.

Self-Love isn't something you get overnight

And it doesn't mean you wander around constantly marvelling at your own sheer brilliance either.

You have to work to achieve it and then, once you've got it, you have to carry on working to keep it. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?  

It's the exact same amount of work that you put into loving other people! And for the most part, we don't consider loving people, spending time with them, listening to them and encouraging them to be 'work'. It's just what comes naturally.

When you start to do the same for yourself, it will eventually come naturally to love yourself too.

Start with the small stuff

If putting yourself first doesn't come easily, you don't need to do it all of the time. Take small steps (you can follow our 'Summer of Self-Love' for some tips) and you'll gradually get used to listening out for your own needs, and acting on them without guilt.

Be easy. Take your time. You are coming home. To yourself.

Nayyirah Waheed

There's no need to be hard on yourself. Getting comfortable and confident in who you are is a struggle for many women - we lose ourselves over time and then need to work at finding ourselves again.

Allow yourself time - self-love is a marathon not a sprint - but accept too that you need to take action to change your mindset.

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