The importance of confidence

When we started to offer boudoir portraiture, I had firmly in mind why women would want these portraits – as gifts, to surprise and delight their partners.
Plus, it's good fun, a great shopping opportunity – all that beautiful lingerie! The shoes!
And the day itself with a fantastic makeover, and beautiful portraits being created – who wouldn't want this?

I was wrong.

The reality is that this is true for a tiny proportion of our clients. In fact, boudoir portraiture is a much deeper and more transformative experience than I had ever anticipated. What I had really failed to realise is that the way I felt, about my own body, was the way everyone else felt about their's. I thought the world was stuffed full of women who were confident in themselves and happy with how they looked. It became obvious very quickly that actually, confidence is a real issue for women. And it's nothing to do with size, or age, or body shape, or looks.

Time and again I meet women who have had their confidence either shattered, or gradually eroded.
It can be major events in their lives, such as abusive relationships, or it can be a more subtle process – such as being out of the workplace following having children, and not having the confidence, or possibly the opportunity, to return to their previous career.
I meet so many women with confidence issues, and something is apparent – lose confidence in one area of your life and it will spread to other areas too.

Now, a boudoir session can help boost confidence, I know because this is the feedback I hear again and again. One of the reasons we specialise in boudoir portraiture is because we love being on that journey with our clients – from scarcely believing they've been brave enough to come along for a session, to scarcely believing their eyes when they see their beautiful portraits.

But, it's not enough. I want to do more. So I created 'Fall in Love With You'. This had long been the ethos behind our business, and sums up what we're trying to achieve for each and every client, but I'd like to share it with more women.

Introducing The 'Fall in Love With You' Challenge

It's simple – 7 small challenges to boost your confidence in different areas of your life.
Want more confidence at work? With friends? In relationships?
Working with a professional counsellor, I have put together a 28 day programme to help you achieve more confidence in 7 different areas of your life.

I am here to support you along the way – you can email any time with your progress, or if you get stuck for ideas on how to apply any of the steps to your own life. Plus, there's a private Facebook group to chat to other women about THEIR progress too.

Sign up below and take the first step to falling in love....with you!
Much love


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