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Our Summer of Self Love for 2020 is now complete.
You can dip in and out, do one, do all of them - it's up to you.
If you want to feel good about yourself, pick a video, do the thing. repeat!

Week one eases us gently in the summer of 2020, with a pat on the back for ourselves for getting this far, in what has been a really difficult year.
So, take it easy this week, just tell yourself 'Well done'(and mean it!)

I've talked before about ditching toxic social media -this is an opportunity to replace it with positive influences. And it is all about sharing those, with others, making you THEIR beacon of positivity.

Week three  is again all about spreading a bit of positivity - we ALL need it right now. When you spread positivity, you will receive it back -
give abundantly, and receive abundantly!

Week four is all about changing how you talk TO and ABOUT yourself. If you tell yourself (and others) that you HATE your body - how about you change that message to something more open ended?

 A couple of weeks ago we were giving compliments - week five is all about accepting them...graciously!
If you're one for rejecting compliments - this week is most definitely for YOU!

Week six is all about standing tall, both physically and in how we THINK about ourselves. Two things to do this week -  tiny tweaks that can have a REALLY big impact on how you perceive yourself. 

For week seven, I'm not asking you to do anything that takes up a lot of your time - it's all about thinking about what is REALLY important to you in life, and, honestly, whether how you look makes ANY difference to that stuff?

Week eight is all about the power we give to photos, over and above what we see in the mirror.
Just because a photo is more permanent, doesn't make them truthful.

The camera lies!

Week nine is a confidence 'hack' that will not only make you seem more confident, but will, over time make you become more confident.

If you want a shortcut to starting to appear more confident, this is the week for you.

You know you can't please everyone, right?
So why not go right ahead and just please the one person you know you can - yourself?
Welcome to week 10!

Week 11 is all about the positive power that photos can have on us.
So, this week, spend a little time drenching yourself in happy memories that you get from browing photos.

I definitely saved the best until last!
Do you go into battle, against yourself? Week 12 is about changing how you support yourself in your goals.

Of course, watching a video is one thing - taking action is up to you!
Let me know how you get on!

Much love,

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