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Studio decorating

Building work is mostly finished, so today we were able to start painting and getting on with the studio decorating.

And so it was that we discovered that <brand name> Brilliant White is not as brilliantly white as Leyland Trade Brilliant White. Noticed after doing 2 coats of this back wall. Hopefully switching back to the paint used on the other walls will work out!

Also - newly built block walls are really hard to paint.

Luckily, in our new viewing room, the paint went on much easier, and Elise went above and beyond by providing overalls for us all to wear.

So much is happening this week studio decorating - reception is being decorated (we're leaving that bit to the professionals!) and we're hopefully getting a floor at the weekend.

We have some light fittings up - our electrician has described the lights I chose as "Like Meccano", so I guess we'll have to put a bit of time aside (when? how?) to put those together.

Robin is working on the studio itself. It's our wedding anniversary next week, so we thought we'd spend a romantic day together, painting the floor in there.

We're having a big push tomorrow to:
finish the viewing room
repaint the office wall a whiter shade of white
do the changing room, from scratch.

Luckily, the whole team is in (have I mentioned how much we adore Elise & Rachel?), so we're feeling pretty confident.

Expect a further update tomorrow on our studio decorating. I need a soak in the bath. And a TENS machine on my back.

Much love,

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Julia - February 6, 2017 Reply

It’s looking good! Shame my viewing won’t be in the studio!
But I have to say my back is feeling your pain and I didn’t do any painting….this modelling malarkey is hard on your back, shoulders and arms!! Lol
But had a great day, I looked amazing thanks to a very talented lady!!

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