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Why I Stopped Wearing Make-up

Today I wanted to talk to you about why I stopped wearing make-up.

I used to wear makeup to make me feel good - I thought. But what it was really doing was making me feel not so good about how I looked without it. So I stopped.

So a couple of months ago I stopped wearing makeup and I stopped wearing makeup because I was looking at my un-made-up face and seeing it as something that I needed to fix about myself.

I thought I looked tired, so I needed to cover up dark circles underneath my eyes. I didn't think "I need more sleep", I just thought "I need to stop looking tired, I need to find a way, cosmetically, to fix that". I stopped wearing makeup because for about thirty years I've been battling with redness in my cheeks and I don't know why, aged 13 or 14, made me think that was a problem that needed to be solved, but there were remedies out there and I used them. Green creams to try and combat the redness, thicker coverage foundations, all of that kind of thing.

As it happens the best thing that I could have done to stop that was to stop wearing makeup.

I stopped wearing makeup because I wasn't comfortable with how my face looked without it and I didn't want people to see it. I had to wear makeup for work because "what would people think of me if I wasn't?" And, as I've talked to women, over the years, at the studio, I've kept hearing the same thing over and over from people "I don't like my face", and I thought "that...that's me, that's how I feel about my face".

So, I've stopped wearing makeup to make myself get used to how my face looks, and some days I look tired, and some days my cheeks are red. These things do not have an impact on my day. It doesn't make any difference to my life at all.

So, I'm not anti- makeup and I'll happily have a makeover- I don't think anybody should give up makeup. I like wearing makeup but I'm anti how makeup was making me feel about myself.

I stopped wearing makeup not because I believe that I look better or I look perfect without it, but because 

I believe that I don't and I wanted to make myself okay with that.

Much love, 



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