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How To Stand Taller In Photos

Today I'm showing you how doing one simple thing can help you look better in photos.


So today I want to talk about standing up straighter in photos and how when you think you're standing up straight, you're probably not, and the difference that it makes to do that in photos.

Mostly when we're in photos we tend to stand possibly with the weight on one particular leg and a hip kicked out to the side and it creates little bulges, if you're anything like me. So it doesn't matter what you really do, which side or the other, it's always gonna have little bulges going on somewhere. So if you stand up straight, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to all of this that's going on. However, the way to stand up straighter is to suck in, as soon as you suck in then everything raises, it naturally pushes your shoulders back, it raises your chest , and it defines the waist.  It makes a big difference to the stomach and waist area but also it makes a difference to how your shoulders are and how you're generally stood - you can't get that just form standing up straight. You have to suck in at the same time and it'll make you stand up straighter, taller, elongate your torso, bring your chest up, and your shoulders back, and create a better image for you in a photo.

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