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Summer Of Self-Love : Week 5

Welcome to the fifth week of our 'Summer of Self-Love' project

Each week throughout the summer, I'll be giving you one suggestion of something to do to enrich either your mind, body or soul.

I'm sharing a weekly video on our Facebook page each Monday, with that week's idea.
However, I don't like watching videos, so in case anyone else feels the same way (which is basically 'Why can't I just read it?'), each Wednesday, I'll be doing a blog post like this, one, where you can either read what to do, or watch the video (just scroll down).

Social Media Detox

This week we are back to healthy minds.

These tasks are getting a little bit harder now – there is some willpower required here and some action. There is a lot of talk about improving mental health, but most of us aren't really taking active steps, and a lot of the time, that's because we don't know where to start.

So, this week it is time for a detox – not of your body – of your social media. Don't panic, I quite obviously don't think all social media is bad for you or it would be a ridiculous way for me to be delivering our self-love campaign. But for most of us there are elements of social media that are toxic, and there are a variety of ways they affect us.

Firstly, there is following just too much stuff, clicking on too many things – especially news, and especially at the moment when the country is so divided and everything seems terrible politically. Trying to follow everything that's going on in the country, and then the wider world, is massively overwhelming to lots of people. So don't. Pick one or two news sources, or watch one news programme a day and this week, allow yourself some headspace back, because the problems of the entire world are not your problems right now.

Right, that's the easy part done. Restrict your news intake, for anyone with information overload going on.

Next up, take a look at what and who you follow and then use the Marie Kondo method – does this person/celebrity/brand spark joy? Do they make you feel good, or inspire you? Or do they annoy the living hell out of you? If they're bringing you down, causing envy, or even just irritating you, unfollow or unfriend. I know you can't always unfriend people, but you can stop their posts appearing in your feed and try to limit your exposure as much as possible.

It's actually quite useful to do this every few months, because we tend to follow, friend, follow without a lot of thought, and then get more content from sources we don't like, whilst interacting less with people we do.

If you haven't detoxed us away, let me know how you get on and I'll see you next week.

Much Love,



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