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Summer Of Self-Love : Week 3

Welcome to the third week of our 'Summer of Self-Love' project

Each week throughout the summer, I'll be giving you one suggestion of something to do to enrich either your mind, body or soul.

I'm sharing a weekly video on our Facebook page each Monday, with that week's idea.
However, I don't like watching videos, so in case anyone else feels the same way (which is basically 'Why can't I just read it?'), each Wednesday, I'll be doing a blog post like this, one, where you can either read what to do, or watch the video (just scroll down).

Spend Time With A Loved One

So far we've done thanking and appreciating your body, we've done focusing your mind on what's awesome about you, and this week is going to be about nourishing your soul, which can only ever be a really good thing to do!

Your task for this week is very straight forward -  it's about spending time with somebody that you love.

Now trekking around the supermarket together does not qualify as spending time together, unless that's an actual hobby that you both enjoy.  This needs to be quality time together, connecting and enjoying your time with each other.

You can spend the time with somebody that you see everyday, or somebody that you really wish that you could spend more time with. You can be with a partner, or a relative, or a friend, absolutely anybody whose time and company you enjoy.

If you can't physically spend the time with them - if the person you most crave some time with is a long way away, or you just both have no time at all in your schedules to spend physical time together,  at the very least this week make it a phone call, or FaceTime them, or Skype somebody.

If you're going do it that way make sure you've got as few distractions as you can possibly get. This isn't meant to be a snatcheded five minutes, it's going to be something where, if you can you're going to sit down with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine and just enjoy hearing their voice and sharing with them.

I realise 'time' is not very specific, and I really can't be specific with you about the length of time because if I say a whole day, and that's just totally unachievable for you, then I don't want you to just give up and not do this one, so the absolute best I can say is that the more time you can give to this, the better.

If you can do the day then that's going to be amazing, if you can manage half an hour chatting with a friend, then make the most of that half an hour. If all you can squeeze into your week is spending five minutes holding somebody that you love, then do it and just enjoy the feeling of being peaceful and loved in that time.

You've got all week long to do this. Have a really good think about who you want to see or speak with, that you know will truly nourish your soul and make you feel good inside. Let me know how you get on!

Much Love,



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