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Summer Of Self-Love : Week 2

Welcome to the second week of our 'Summer of Self-Love' project

Each week throughout the summer, I'll be giving you one suggestion of something to do to enrich either your mind, body or soul.

I'm sharing a weekly video on our Facebook page each Monday, with that week's idea.
However, I don't like watching videos, so in case anyone else feels the same way (which is basically 'Why can't I just read it?'), each Wednesday, I'll be doing a blog post like this, one, where you can either read what to do, or watch the video (just scroll down).

List 5 Fabulous Things About Yourself

Last week was about appreciating and thanking your body, this week we're thinking about your mind, because your mental health is definitely at least as important as your physical health. 

As it's only week two, I am still keeping things nice and easy for you. All you need to do this week is list five fabulous things about you.

These things can be as deep or as superficial as you like. If you love your bum, list it. If you know you're a great listener, list it. If you get to three things and you're stuck, then keep at it throughout the week - you've got the whole week to do this.

Write your list down - make it a physical list that you can pick up and read throughout the week, and keep adding to it. If you get to five really quickly, and I really hope you do, then keep on going throughout the week.

Look at it every day, see if you can think of something else, create a huge list of all of your fabulousness. You could be an amazing cook, a great dancer, a fabulous friend. You could be the absolute queen of spreadsheets, or of finding things, or of making other people feel good.

There are many, many fabulous things about you that you are currently taking for granted. So write them down!

Try to get started on this today, write down your first thing (either write it down or keep a list on your phone) and then every day look at it, add to it, just build on it throughout the week. Store it somewhere that you can look back to, that's easy for you to get hold of and read again so you can refer back to it. 

You know when you get a compliment, a genuine compliment from somebody, and it gives you a warm glow? When you look at your list you should be getting that warm glow. You're entitled to give that to yourself. 

If you immediately think "there are not five fabulous things about me" then yes, it is going to take you all week to get through this list. Don't give up, you have that list in you!

You don't need to think of five things -  you need to think of one to start with, and then just see how things go.

Let me know how you get on.

Much Love,



(ps - I struggled with this for sure, however, here is my own list:

1 - My hair! It is multi-coloured marvellousness

2 - My eyes - so strikingly blue, I get asked if I'm wearing coloured contact lenses (which would be odd, since I

wear glasses all of the time)

3 - My listening abilities - need to message us at 10pm in a panic about your session the next day? I'm


4 - my ability to question the status quo - just because that's how things are, doesn't mean that's how they

have to be

5 - my love for my dogs - I mean, and for Robin obviously, but I am a great dog mummy)

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