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Summer Of Self-Love : Week 1

Welcome to the first week of our 'Summer of Self-Love' project

Each week throughout the summer, I'll be giving you one suggestion of something to do to enrich either your mind, body or soul.

I'm sharing a weekly video on our Facebook page each Monday, with that week's idea.
However, I don't like watching videos, so in case anyone else feels the same way (which is basically 'Why can't I just read it?'), each Wednesday, I'll be doing a blog post like this, one, where you can either read what to do, or watch the video (just scroll down).

Be Kind To Your Body

This week, it's all about your beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, automatically beach ready body, and we're going to start our summer with something very easy.
We often don't appreciate our bodies, or even worse, we actively dislike them.
So, this week, do something fabulous for your body that you will enjoy - now, this can be anything to eating your favourite food - and really taking the time to savour every mouthful, to massaging in a gorgeous body cream, and slowing things down to enjoy the sensation, the fragrance and just thanking your body.

It could be something like getting a new bra, that fits you well, if it's been a while, and making yourself feel more comfortable. Or it could be wearing something you already have that has fabric that feels gorgeous against your skin.

So, take the time to choose something that engages as many senses as you can - this isn't a rushed thing - and do at least one fabulous thing for your body.

If that doesn't seem like much - well, there are seven days in a week, so if you want to do 7 things that make your body feel wonderful, absolutely go for it!

Much love,

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