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Summer Of Self-Love Round-Up

Welcome to our 'Summer of Self-Love' project, 
here you'll find all the videos you need to take on the challenge.

Week 1: Be kind to your body

To start off our Summer Of Self-Love, the first challenge is to be kind to your body. Genuinely and sincerely kind. It's remarkable how hard it is for most people.

Week 2: List 5 fabulous things about yourself

This video is all about noticing and appreciating yourself and giving those things validation. Make a list of 5 things you like about yourself, they don't have to be big or super meaningful - just 5 things.

Week 3: Spend time with a loved one

Each video has a theme of enriching your mind, body, or soul. This video is focusing on your soul, and what better way to do that than spending some quality time with a loved one. We mean real time, doing something together and engaging with each other - not just your weekly trip to the supermarket!

Week 4: Get more sleep

Direct some love towards your body. Doctors recommend you get between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night, and not all of us are accomplishing that, so focus on trying to hit this target as many nights of the next week as you can.

Week 5: Social media detox

Don't worry, I'm not telling you to delete all your social media, just give it a bit of a cleanse. After all, we are constantly absorbing information through social media, it's important we made sure that information is positive to our mental health.

That's why I'm suggesting you go through who or what pages you follow on your social media accounts, and if they don't spark joy or you don't actually want to engage with that account, unfollow it. This way, it will open up space in your feed for the positive things you want to see that will uplift you.

Week 6: Listen to your favourite song

For this video your challenge is super easy, all you need to do is spend a little time listening to your favourite song.
I don't mean put it on when you're driving, or doing the laundry, or in the shower. I mean sit down and really listen to it and drink in why you love it so much.

Week 7: Drink more water

We're back to focusing on enriching your body, so this week I challenge you to drink more water. I'm not saying try to drink two litres a day, just try swap out one drink you usually have for a glass of water.
So, if you're like me, swap one Diet Coke for a glass of water a day.

Week 8: Meditation

Meditate, just for 2 minutes, everyday. Meditation is something that SEEMS easy, but really isn't. Don't be disappointed if you can only clear your mind for 10 seconds, that still counts!
Even trying to meditate is achieving something - it doesn't matter if you do it for 30 minutes or 30 seconds.

Week 9: Step outside your comfort zone

Nourish your soul and to push the boundaries of what you believe you can do and are comfortable with by doing something that is outside of your comfort zone.
Something to remind you that your internal barrier of what you believe you can't do, cannot actually stop you from doing anything, and can change and grow as you push yourself.

Week 10: Listen to your body

This week, it's about listening to your body and giving it what YOU think it needs.

If you have an injury that needs rest, give it rest. If you are suffering from back pain, do something to help that back pain. If you feel your arms are getting tired more easily, exercise your arms a little to give them some strength back. Do whatever you feel is right for your body.

Week 11: Journaling

The physical act of writing your thoughts and problems down helps you to put them into perspective and evaluate the next step into solving and understanding them. Journaling can seriously help you free up headspace, so this week is about getting started with that.

Week 12: Spend time in nature

This is the final video for our Summer Of Self-Love project! We hope you've all enjoyed it and that it has helped you learn to love yourself more. This week is a lovely one  of simply spending time around nature. Being outside and getting away from the business of work or towns can do wonders for helping to relax your soul.

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