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Shoes with a story

So these shoes come with a story.

Firstly, I should say I know they're nuts. I'm not expecting everyone to rush to the shops, wanting a pair. I like mad shoes. And when I first saw these, months ago, I fell completely in love.

However, they're also not the most practical shoes ever and I couldn't really justify getting them. Then, Irregular Choice had a huge sale. Maybe I could justify getting them, if they were a little cheaper...

So, I watched the price and kept thinking 'just a little bit lower and I'll buy them'.

They reached the right price. They were sold out in my size. They had pink ones, they had blue ones, but they didn't have these ones. All that was left to do was whinge to Robin that I had lost them forever (I didn't think they'd me making more - I doubted they were the most popular style they could be making).

I'd like to say I let the whole idea of them go, but that would be a complete lie - I grumped, whilst Robin pretty much took no notice.

And then, on Tuesday, it was my birthday and I found the reason they had sold out in my size is because Robin had bought the last pair.

Is it ridiculous for a pair of shoes to make you happy? Yes. I'm therefore ridiculously happy 😉

Much love,

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