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5 Ways you may be sabotaging your boudoir portrait session

OK, sabotaging your boudoir portrait session is not actually your plan, of course it isn’t. It doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t do it.

Why would you?

Not intentionally, I’ll grant you! But there are a few things you can do that ultimately mean session sabotage. This act of sabotage is not an active thing – it is in fact very, very passive – and it’s usually borne out of nerves.


I know firsthand that a boudoir portrait session can be a nerve wracking thing to do. Some people cope by planning everything out to the nth degree. Some of us though, well, we don’t want to even think about it. Here’s the thing – you are going to have to think about it a little. Putting some thought into your session will mean that the results are going to be as good as they possibly can be.

You may need to do some shopping, or arrange childcare, or fit in a visit to the hairdresser. These are not things to leave to the morning of the session itself before planning, so get organised, otherwise you could be sabotaging your boudoir portrait session with a lack of planning.


When it comes to your boudoir lingerie, you do need to make sure it fits, and that you have at least three outfits to bring (preferably five).

If you decide not to look at what you have until the night before, and then find out it doesn’t fit or you just hate all of it – you just sabotaged your ¬†boudoir portrait session, without doing anything at all.
Being so nervous that you’re trying to put it out of your mind totally is not the way to go. I’m going to help calm your nerves anyway at your pre session chat. If you’re having a wobble in between then call me, email me or message me on Facebook.


Maybe you decide you’re just not going to look great whatever you wear, so why does it matter?
Well, you are going to look great. There is nothing different about you that means you can’t look as fabulous as the next person. But if this fear translates into turning up with one ill-fitting, non-matching bra and knicker set and nothing else, you just sabotaged your session.
Accept this fact – you are as deserving of beautiful lingerie that actually fits as much as anyone else is. Don’t deny yourself because you think you’re not.
Bring the right items. Have beautiful images.


Your portrait session is much more physical than you may be thinking – you will gain a new found respect for models. So don’t think “I won’t have anything to eat in case I bloat”. Your body needs fuel, let it have some.


Arriving for your session hung over is also not a great idea – yes, you’re having an amazing makeover, but if you’re feeling generally below par and sluggish, it’s not going to make for great images. I’m not suggesting a cup of cocoa and an early night, but a heavy night out on the lash is not going to have you feeling your freshest.

So, do a little planning, and if you’re having a panic, rather than sabotaging your boudoir portrait session, just get in touch. There’s nothing you need to be worrying about at all – as soon as you arrive at the studio, absolutely everything is down to us.

Much love,

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