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Putting yourself first

If putting yourself first doesn't come naturally to you, you're not alone. Sounds a bit...selfish doesn't it? I mean, surely there's everyone else to consider? Your partner, your children, your boss or clients - the list goes on.

Of course you need to think about other people, but sometimes we do it to our own detriment. We're so busy thinking about others, we almost forget what our own needs are.

How easy do you find putting yourself first?

Now, I'm all for compromise. If there's two of us watching tv and Robin doesn't want to watch something, I'll record it for later (unless it's The Walking Dead, I mean, come on, I have to draw the line somewhere).

But there's a difference between mutually agreeing to do something, and one person always suppressing what they want, to go along with other people - and some of us are expert at that.

There could be plenty of things you just don't feel that strongly about, but equally, many people who always acquiesce start to lose track of what they'd like to do. They lose the habit of choosing for themselves, and make their own needs unimportant. 

If you always put others first, what happens?

Here's my theory - and this comes from meeting so many women with one thing in common - they've lost track of who they are.
Somewhere along the way, if you're always focused on making sure everyone else is ok, everyone else has what they need and you stop thinking about your own needs, you'll kind of forget how to even know what those needs are.

You get lost in the roles you have in life (partner, mother, in your career) and lose track of who you are as an individual.

Ever felt 'drained'?

Do you ever feel like there's no more 'you' to give everybody? You're running on empty and there's nothing left?

Then you really need to figure out what you can say 'no' to, and what you can say 'yes' to that serves you and not someone else!
If you never get round to doing this, you'll never replenish your reserves and, ultimately, you need to do that.

If you do, you'll find that you are more able to cope with the demands of others too. So doing things for you, every now and then, is beneficial to those around you too - not so selfish now, right?

Give yourself permission to do something for you

If you're feeling lost or worn out, then it's time to do something for you. Anything from watching a film you just know you're going to miss, to having a long, private soak in the bath. Some time to recharge and feel like you, even when you're really busy*, will be seriously beneficial to how you cope.

Much love,
(* I am always, always super busy. Time with friends? No chance. But if my family need something - everything stops to make space for that. Time exists for those things I prioritise xx)

putting yourself first

Just want to say WOW and Thanks!!!! Has completely changed my perspective on myself and how I see myself!!! love the photos! x"


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Julie Corbett - January 28, 2017 Reply

I call it the “Power of Pampering.” Thanks for the good reminder! I love seeing the before and after pictures! I love what you’re teaching and reminding everyone.

Hana Weeks - February 1, 2017 Reply

Had a great time and loved the end result!! Thank you!

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