(AKA here's something we do that I don't talk about very much, because I'm trying not to scare anyone)

Here goes! So, if body confidence portrait sessions are a very long way from most of our clients comfort zones, body acceptance portraits are another level.
Because these beautiful, artistic body portraits don't require any clothes, at all. Nothing. Nada.
There might be some artfully draped fabric, but lingerie? Not needed for this.We call these portraits 'Body as Art'.

Before everyone goes into a freefall panic, it is, of course, your choice what you do in your portrait session. We're here to support you in that, nothing more.

Body as Art portrait sessions are the most freeing type of portrait session, and perfect for reconnecting with your body, in a positive way. When it comes to body acceptance, this session is here for you - ready to help you appreciate your body from a new perspective. One that you probably haven't seen before.

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For these sessions, you can choose whether or not you wish to have your hair and make up done by one of our talented stylists. On the whole, these sessions are not about creating facial portraits, but about focusing on the beautiful shapes that exist within all bodies.
Many women will choose to have some boudoir images and some Body as Art, and it comes as a great surprise to feel more comfortable without clothes on, than wearing lingerie that sometimes doesn't feel quite 'them'.

Going from feeling scared about being photographed at all, to posing naked, is an experience as liberating as it is confidence boosting.

Obviously, there are some barriers to us sharing these images online. Whilst they are beautifully crafted and lit black and white portraits, and always tastefully and artfully shot, they still often exceed Facebook's rules on what can be shared.

In our studio, these are the images that catch women's eyes the most, and they are the most likely ones to become a an amazing piece of artwork on your wall.

These images will not shy away from the parts of themselves our clients want to confront. One very common issue for women is scarring after surgery. So, we'll create images that neither hide, nor highlight, but merely accept what is there.

This can be an incredibly powerful process in helping women understand that nothing needs to be seen as a flaw, and it's ok to accept and embrace our bodies, as they are, for all that they are.

When it comes to body acceptance, allowing yourself to see your body, is a potent step in the right direction.

Much love,

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