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Portrait Session FAQs

You have LOTS of questions?
We have lots of answers!

If what you want to know about your portrait session isn't covered, just get in touch and ask.

Who are Smart Photography?

Where are you?

Is there parking?

How do I get in contact?

What do you do?

I never like myself in photos, will this work for me?

When do you do the sessions?

I don't have any lingerie, what do I need to bring for my boudoir portrait session?

Should I get my nails done for my session?

Should I fake tan for my session?

I'm nervous, is that normal?

At my session, am I just going to be standing around, in my undies?

What happens on the day of my portrait session?

What will happen at my viewing?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Can I purchase more images later on?

Will my images be seen by other people?