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The Perfect Boudoir Shoot

OK, 'the perfect boudoir shoot' is a bold claim. I'd like to say that lockdown has given us a lot of thinking time, and we have put this to good use.
However, like many fabulous things, I think we may have actually stumbled across the perfect boudoir shoot, by accident.

It goes like this.
We've had a single burlesque feather fan for years. it's a useful prop. But the ones we've had weren't the real thing, that burlesque performers use. So, they weren't 'quite' as big, weren't 'quite' as fancy, but they did look really good on camera.
Our original one came from Ann Summers, and honestly, I couldn't fault it:

perfect boudoir shoot

We do have a tendency to wear them out, over time. Ann Summers no longer do them, real ones are expensive, so we made do with substitutes. But I have long had a hankering for the real thing, so I found some.

And then lockdown happened

This slowed things down a little bit, but, to their credit the supplier still cracked on, they arrived...and went into quarantine.
But we couldn't shoot anyone with them, because, of course, we are closed. 
Our usual thing would be to invite clients in to model. I'm not patient enough to wait for lockdown to end though!

Was I expecting the perfect boudoir shoot?

No! It took me a long time to get around to having a shoot previously, and when I did, I sabotaged it. To say I was nervous about having another one would be a huge understatement.

I also have no nice lingerie (it must be over 4 years since I went to buy any in an actual shop and hated the experience so much that I haven't been back).

I was excited about using the fans, but not about being photographed.

The shoot was amazing!

I'd cobbled together lingerie that was probably over 7 years old (note to you - don't be me!) that I thought may work.
In the event, I didn't need it at all. All I needed was knickers (incidentally, I didn't have any of the 'right' knickers myself, which anyone who follows us will know are brazilian cut - I got to take advantage of the stocks we buy for the studio, so that we always have a pair on hand for you).
I really needn't have worried about lingerie at all - I was vastly underestimating how huge the fans are. I could stand behind one of them (anyone could) - there are two!

Here's what makes this the perfect boudoir shoot

I thought this was going to be all about the burlesque. It wasn't. I have never felt so confident in front of a camera, and for a lot of the time, I had absolutely nothing on! In terms of body confidence, this ticks all of the boxes.
Over the years, we have learned our clients fears well (not least because I share many of them!)Here's what a shoot with the fans addresses.

  • No lingerie required. OK, you need some knickers, that really is it. I hate lingerie shopping and I know many of you do too.
  • Hate looking at the camera? Me too. There are so many options to looking away with these!
  • No need to love your face/hair/anything else. There are many options for anonymous shots that will be gorgeous, and 'hiding' shots, where you're just peeking out.
  • No need to feel self conscious at the shoot because - see above. You won't feel like anything's on show.
  • No pressure to be 'sexy'. I am always minded of the line from Rocky Horror - "I'm as sensual as a pencil". With a lingerie shoot, I felt ridiculous, in advance, with the whole notion of trying to be sexy. No such pressure here.
  • This is the big one - No body confidence required - you can completely hide behind them if you want to!
perfect boudoir shoot 1

Ready for the perfect boudoir shoot?
You can register your interest NOW!

The fan sessions will be available as soon as we reopen. The fans will not be available as part of our regular boudoir sessions, so right now, the only way to book one, will be to have registered in advance.

The session fee NOW is £99* (our usual session fee is £199, so they will revert to that, or possibly a little bit more for these).

Fill in the form below and get on the list.

Much love, stay safe,
(*There is no payment due until we are open, we've chatted it through and you are ready to book xx)

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