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"...families may love and cherish their portraits, but we weren't changing people's lives in quite the same way we were with boudoir portraits."

We're Robin and Anna - the creative couple behind Smart Photography.
After leaving behind our corporate careers for the world of self-employment, we opened our first studio back in 2005 - alongside an existing business.
When recession hit, we decided to ditch our recession-proof home delivery business, and concentrate fully on our studio - a bold, and some may say crazy decision, but, it worked!

As we progressed from being a 'traditional' family portrait studio, to offering makeover portraits and then boudoir, we realised something along the way. Whilst families may love and cherish their portraits, we weren't changing people's lives in quite the same way we were with boudoir portraits. So, we took the decision to change our studio to a dedicated boudoir portrait studio, just over 10 years ago.
 And now, this is our specialism: luxury, boutique body confidence photography is all that we do.

Anna will help you find the spark of confidence you need, to come along for your portrait session.
Robin* will ignite that spark, with the creation of amazing images that show you as the strong, beautiful woman you are.

We know what you’re going through; we know how far you’ve come on your journey so far. Along with our team of stylists, we'll help you to learn to love your body, and reconnect with the real you.

*(Additionally, Robin has a LOT of awards for photography. I won't give you whole, long list but the best one, is for 'Boudoir Photographer of the Year', for the image below, which we created together, in lockdown one, 2020! Yes, those are my legs).

As soon as we started offering boudoir portrait sessions, we realised that the women coming to us were not body confident, and celebrating who they were...but instead wanted to be. And it became our passion to help women who don't love themselves in photos, and don't feel comfortable, or confident, in front of the camera, to feel encouraged, empowered and emboldened to step out of their comfort zone, and start to truly love themselves.

Women are constantly bombarded with messaging about how much they need to 'fix' themselves. Little surprise then, that research shows that up to 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies.The neverending focus on how women should change to fit in with society's impossible standards (only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed in the media) is unhealthy.
We want to help women to overcome the yearning to fit in with these standards, step outside of society's pressures, and appreciate themselves for who they are, right now. It's vitally important for our daughters, for our nieces, for our friends daughters, and for all young women not to inherit these same body image issues. 

Your experience with us isn’t just a makeover: it’s a seismic shift in your self worth and self confidence.


"It has given me the boost I've needed to find Lara again"


I was so blown away by my images.
I cried happy tears for a few days as, not only did I see a beautiful woman looking back at me, but what I really saw was a woman that has self worth, and boy does she deserve it, too.
It has given me the strength to love me again, and that confidence is starting to definitely shine through.
It has given me the boost I've needed to find Lara again. I can't thank Smart Photography enough for the experience I had, from that first scary phone call to walking away a new woman.


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