Today I'm talking about one big myth about having confidence.

So today I want to talk about one of the big myths about confidence, and that is that confidence is either something that you have, or don't have, and if you don't have it, well, that's that.

It's like learning to drive

Confidence is not something that, if you don't feel like you have it, you never can. It's a skill, and like any skill, it can be learned. Now, you already have loads of skills – although a lot of them you don't really think of as skills, you just take them for granted as 'the things you can do'.  But if you've learned to drive a car – you can learn to have more confidence If you've learned to cook a meal, you can learn to have more confidence. If you've ever passed an exam, learned a language, or managed to navigate your way from A to B - you're using skills that you've learned either through conscious effort, or organically, from watching other people.

I did not, aged 17, suddenly know how to drive. I had to to decide it was a skill I wanted to learn. And then I had to practice and learn. I just want you to understand that having or not having confidence is much more of a choice than we think it is.

If your self confidence is low, then you don't have to accept that as a fact – you can make a choice to build it up and improve your confidence. If you want some help getting started – if you're thinking, "well, that's a lovely theory but it's not very useful" - throughout February I'm going to be putting together some videos that are focused on exactly HOW to start building your confidence, with practical steps that are easy to take – just small changes and challenges – that will help you start to develop the skill of confidence. So if you want to make the choice to be more confident, then look out for them.

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