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Another Myth About Body Confidence

Today I'm talking about how a lack of confidence can hold you back from doing things you really want to do.


So a couple of weeks ago I talked about one of the big myths about confidence, which is that it's something that you either have or that you don't have and today I want you follow on from that and talk about another big myth about confidence and that's the idea that if someone is doing something, then they must be doing it with confidence.

This is something that holds an awful lot of people back from doing things that they want to do. That though that you feel like you have enough confidence and you look at other people and think "I wish that I could be more like them". But the truth is that most people don't walk around brimming with confidence the entire time. At best they're managing to fake it a little bit better than some of us. So if you think of actors and singers, these are jobs which we would assume require a huge amount of confidence. And yet these people still get stage fright, they're not supremely confident people who can just do anything that they want to without a thought, they're not actually that different to the rest of us, at all.

Being able to act as though you're confident is not the same as actually feeling confident on the inside and that's what most people are doing, they're acting or pretending to have more confidence than they really do.

So if you can let go of the idea that to do whatever it is that you want to do requires some higher level of confidence, that you just don't have and everybody else does. If you think that instead lots of people with no confidence have done this thing then so can I. Then you can start to change how you feel about the thing that you want to do and make it seem more possible to you, because you're aligning yourself with those other people. They weren't confident but they did it anyway, so can I. Hopefully if you can start to do that it'll just start to boost your confidence because when you do things like that, you're slowly moving your comfort zone.

Essentially, fake it 'till you make it, ladies.

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