Meet the team - Smart Photography

Meet the whole team!

This is my husband Robin, he's our photographer and has had a passion for photography for 47 years. His artistic eye and commitment to creating stunning portraits will wow you.

team photo of photographer robin

This is me, Anna. My t-shirt may have given it away but I want you to fall in love with yourself. With every client I try to help boost their confidence and help them to see the beauty in themselves.

team photo of anna

Here are Gus & Ruby (the favourites).  Gus (left) is a black poodle and is 5 years old. He loves to greet clients when they arrive and get lots of fuss, though he can be a little shy and unsure at first. Ruby (right) is our 3 year old Goldendoodle. She loves everyone and always wants extra love & attention, but by mid-afternoon she's normally snoozing. They are our in-house therapy dogs, perfect to stroke when you're feeling a little nervous.

team photo of golden doodle ruby smart

Here are  two of our amazing stylists, Holly and Katrina. They are always on hand to help with clothing adjustments and posing on top of the hair and make-up. They are only in the studio on shoot days, but love to help make you look and feel glamorous. 

team photo of stylist holly
team photo of stylist katrina

Together we are the Smart Photography team, all working hard to make sure you have the best experience possible and we'll do everything we can to help you fall in love...with you.