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We really value the feedback we get (if you're a client, and didn't receive a little questionnaire from us, let me know).

We know you find the idea of your portrait session daunting precisely because we ask for feedback, and that's what you tell us. Luckily, we also know you'll have a great time!

This week, Maxine very kindly gave us some feedback on her session with us. Now, usually I'd pop her images onto the post too, but Maxine has asked that her images not be shared, and we always respect client privacy, so this time, you'll just have to believe her!

I have always wanted to do this since my two sisters did about 15/20 years ago. It was one of those things you have in your bucket list.
I saw it advertised on Facebook and thought, as I am getting on for 60, I would give it a go.
Very nervously, I went for the first meeting and spoke about the sort of pictures and era I would like. I was made to feel very relaxed about the whole thing.
I met Robin, who was the photographer, and Anna, who took all my details and what I wanted from the session - felt great.

On the morning of my shoot I could have quite easily talked myself out of it, but I am so very happy this did not happen. 

On arrival I had a glass of champagne and the make up artist set to work, then my hair was done. At this point I was feeling very relaxed.
Then, the biggest hurdle of them all was getting into my underwear and feeling very vulnerable. Robin made me feel very relaxed and once the shoot has started you did not have time to think about what you were wearing and what do I look like? I think the shoot lasted about one hour.
I felt so exhilarated and exhausted.

Then came the day to look at your photos, I was feeling sick and thinking "what the hell have I done?"
I could not believe the picture on the easel was me. I viewed my pictures and was so shocked how beautiful, seductive and sexy I looked.  My husband could not get over that the lady in the photos was his wife and loved them all.

If you are thinking of doing this, just go and have a chat with Anna, she is amazing and will put your mind and any questions at rest.

Thanks you SP for an awesome time.


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