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Jo’s Body Confidence Journey

Could Jo Like Herself in Photos?‚Äč

Which, let's be honest, is the same question every one of our clients ask themselves - and mostly think, either secretly or openly, "I don't believe I can".

Jo was no different. I would absolutely love to be able to say that her story is uncommon, but we often work with women who are seeking to reclaim and love their bodies, after escaping from abusive relationships.

When Jo very first got in touch, here's what she told us.

I have zero confidence in my body, I've recently lost 17lb still more to go. I'm getting married next year and I'm dreading the photos and attention.

How could we not try to help Jo? I was terrified before Robin and I got married - everyone looking at me, having photos taken. I thought I knew exactly where Jo was coming from. But her route to losing body confidence was very different to mine.

Getting the courage to come along was a huge step for Jo. Coming back to see her photos was possibly even more of one.  It's absolutely usual for our clients to have low expectations - even though they know their shoot went well, they're still not expecting to like their photos.

Jo brought her fiance, Richie with her - thinking he would at least be able to choose a photo of her that he liked (because she wasn't expecting to like any!)

Seeing her photos for the first time was a moment of shock for Jo

When you hold a strong belief, because it has been told to you over and over again, and you've learned to repeat it to yourself, over and over again - then being confronted with a different reality is really shocking.
It takes a little time to come to grips with what your eyes are now showing you.
Jo's fiance, Richie was with her to assure her that she was now seeing who he sees all the time.

After seeing her photos, being able to really see herself, Jo has kindly agreed to share how she feels, and how important the portrait session was to her.

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and thank all of you for my amazing experience at your studio.
I can't express enough how amazing you have made me feel. I was extremely nervous, as I'm sure 99% of everyone stepping through your door is.  

Six years ago I left my husband, after 21 years of mental abuse and a year of physical. I would never of dreamt I would ever have had the courage or been 'allowed' to do a photo shoot like yours. When I met Richie four years ago my self confidence was on the floor, he has helped me to grow and build myself back up.  However, I have to be honest I was nervous of his response,  I shouldn't have been. He loves the photos and has talked about them non stop. He's told me how proud he is of me and felt very emotional at the thought and reason behind it, not the response I was expecting but I couldn't have asked for more. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all, you genuinely do not know how much this means to me. 

See you again very soon, take care.

 Jo x

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