You're not going to sabotage your portrait session, are you?

You've done the hardest part and got in touch to book in, and now you're wondering "what on earth I have done?" But surely you wouldn't go as far as sabotaging your own portrait session?
Here are five ways it can happen, without you even noticing.

1 - Not doing any planning

I'll talk through everything to do with your session beforehand.
Part of this will include talking through with you what to bring to wear, as well as accessories, to make sure you have everything with you that you need.
However, if you're so nervous that you don't put any preparation in beforehand, and spend the morning chucking random bits of lingerie in a bag before you come, chances are you won't have what you need.

Make sure you've got exactly what you need to bring in advance - you can even refer back to the email I will send you after our chat. If there's anything you need to order, give yourself a week to get it. Don't leave yourself hanging on the day because you were trying to put it all out of your mind until it was happening. 

2 - Overthinking

Planning is a wonderful thing, but obsessing over every tiny detail...not so much.
If you put too much thought into how you think you're going to
- feel during your session
- look in your photos
you can build anxiety and get yourself super stressed.

Relax - we're going to look after you. There is nothing that is yours to stress over - it's all on us and we're feeling confident.

3 - Having a big night out the night before

Calming your nerves with a glass of wine might sound like a great chill out plan, but coming along with a hangover will not serve you well.

You know what mood I'm in with a hangover? A bad one.
You know what I don't want to do when I've got a hangover? Anything that doesn't involve a bacon sarnie and paracetemol.

You won't feel calmer with a headache and a faint idea that you look like the undead, so don't go out on the lash the night before.

4 - Not eating before your session

If you're feeling like every pound not eaten means your stomach will look flatter in your pictures, stop right now. Your portrait session is a lot more physical than it looks, and you don't want to start feeling faint, so make sure you're eaten something before you come.

The most important thing is well fitting lingerie. As long as whatever you bring fits well, you've done everything you need to.

5 - Giving up before you've started

I get that you may not be feeling super confident, but you're going to have to make a small leap of faith here and put your trust in us. If you're outright convinced that you're not going to look fabulous, you'll find it much harder to do everything from getting your stylist to create a look you love, to believing the poses will work for you.
Take a deep breath and believe you can do this - you so can!

Much love,

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