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How boudoir portraits build confidence

Why does portraits being 'confidence building' mean I need to be in lingerie?

It's a valid question, and one that lots of people think but don't say, so I think it's time to address it.

There are a lot of ways to build confidence - I've talked many times about how confidence is a muscle that needs to be exercised. The truth is, most of us don't exercise it. We think people fall into two camps - confident or not confident - and that's pretty much that.

You can switch between camps! And in a way, you know that - because all the time I hear from women who have lost confidence.

If you can lose it, you can get it back.
If you've never had it, you can get it.

But it takes a little work, because, chances are, it's not going to come back on its own.

Our confidence building portraits aren't just about body confidence

It's an easy leap to make - don't feel good about how you look, get shown you look good (and have photographic proof!), feel better.

If only it was that easy!

The core element of what we do is not 'showing you a lovely photo' of yourself'. If it was, you could pop in for a makeover and a headshot, and that would be that.

If we want to really build your confidence (and we do), then we need to gently lead you outside of your comfort zone. Most of the women who cme along to our Witney studio believe:
1. they would be too nervous to have a boudoir portrait session
2. they won't look good in their photos

The second of these is what we deliver -and we know that anyone can look great in photos, when they are posed well for them, and the lighting is perfect.

The first part is where the confidence transformation truly happens. Because just by doing something outside of their comfort zone, and pushing back against self-limiting beliefs, our clients are building their own confidence.

You don't have to be photographed in lingerie, but if the thought scares you a little, that's why you should be

When you push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, you not only feel really good about yourself, you start to learn that your comfort zone is an illusion. So, if you can do one thing that's outside of it, maybe you can do other things to?

And there you go, exercising that 'confidence muscle'. With your portraits serving as a positive reminder of what can lie just beyond what you think you can do.

See - boudoir is more than just 'portraits in pants'!

Much love,

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