Making sure you have the perfect portrait session

You've taken the plunge and booked your boudoir portrait session, but what happens next? Do you just show up on the day with half your underwear drawer and a hip flask full of Dutch courage?

Perhaps not.

To make sure you have the perfect portrait session, a little planning is involved - in fact, it's all part of the fun...


...Look after yourself. Your portrait session is a great opportunity to think about a manicure and pedicure. Book any fake tans, skin treatments or waxing sessions a few days beforehand, in case of rash or reaction

...Come and see the studio! Lots of ladies find that visiting the set really helps to settle their nerves before the big day. We can answer any questions you have, and you'll be able to really plan what you'll wear. Just let us know when you'd like to drop in, and we'll have tea and biscuits at the ready.

...Take time to get in the mood. Get yourself in the boudoir frame of mind - whether with a massage, an erotic novel, or a quiet evening in with your favourite scented candles and a long, relaxing bubble bath.

...Tell your friends. Your portrait session is something to be excited about, and nothing soothes nerves or gets the ideas flowing like a good chat. As for whether you tell your partner...we'll leave that one up to you.

...Book your session a little while in advance, so you've got plenty of time to make decisions, get your perfect lingerie, and feel prepared.


..Visit the hairdresser the day before the portrait session.
If something goes wrong, you won't be feeling your best. Our professional hair stylist will be waiting to take care of you on the day.

...Get drunk the night before.
A bit of liquid courage might seem tempting...but the last thing you want to see in your portraits is the bleary, baggy-eyed evidence of a hangover! Come in with a clear head so you can really enjoy yourself.

...Do your hair and makeup
. We'll be doing all of that for you; you just need to bring your lovely self and your outfits.

...Eat a huge meal before the session. You want to avoid bloating or other complaints, so have foods you eat regularly--something that will keep you comfortable.

..Leave it until the last minute to pick out your clothes and shoes. We know you dread the changing room, but this is your chance to treat yourself. Book in early for a fitting at a glorious lingerie shop, or if you'd rather try things on at home, order online (consider Vollers Corsets, or Net-A-Porter for frothy, luscious designer underwear). The same goes for shoes; you'll want a selection of outfits, so take the time to put together a few combinations. Lots of women worry about buying things they'll never wear again, but after the session, they feel so confident in their boudoir outfits that they can't wait to slip them back on! Perhaps wait until you get home from the supermarket, mind.

Ladies who arrive to the shoot feeling fresh and pampered find that it really shows in their portraits, and they feel better, too. You don't just take beautiful photographs away from a portrait session; you take the memory of how amazing you felt, and that's what really sticks. So plan ahead, be kind to yourself, and get ready to experience true boudoir confidence. We'll warn you now: it's addictive...

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