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But I Haven’t Got Sexy Underwear

Before you come along for a boudoir portrait session, I'll chat with you everything that you need to bring. You may well pre-empt that with everyone's favourite get out clause* "...but I haven't got any sexy underwear'.

(*get out clauses are when you've got in touch and are now in panic mode, having a crisis of confidence, and feeding yourself reasons why you can't possibly have a session).

I don't think I have ever used the words 'you need to have sexy underwear' to anyone. If you love sexy undies and have a lingerie drawer full of Agent Provocateur's finest, then of course, bring it!

If you're like me, and have a drawer full of M+S 5 pack knickers, read on.

Everything we suggest you bring has a reason

I'm a practical person and I'm not going to dictate you the style of lingerie you choose to bring along. Nor am I going to suggest spending a large amount of money on things you'll never wear again.
I will give you a list of absolute essentials though - all of which are serving a purpose.

If you want the short version, here's a link to me telling you exactly what you need to bring, in 60 seconds!

The essentials list

Bra and Knicker Set

For many women their first though is 'oh but I hate my stomach and was hoping to wear something more covered up'. Don't panic. This is not about showing off your stomach, it's about having a bra doing the job that only a bra can do.

If you want to work out really quickly whether a good, well-fitting bra is essential, here's a simple test. Lie down on your back without a bra on. If, like mine, your breasts gravitate towards your armpits, then a good bra is going to be your absolute best friend in your portrait session.

If you are blessed with a chest that either stays in place or isn't big enough for you have to worry about the...driftage, then you have a much wider range of bra styles open to you to choose from.

For the rest of us, I would say the larger your chest, the more likely it is that a full cup bra is going to be the best choice, but as long as it passes the lying down test, you're going to be fine.

One final note on this - if you struggle to find matching sets, as long as the knickers and bra are the same colour, we're not going to examine the fabric to make sure they were purchased together.

Brazilian Cut Knickers

Whatever the style of the knickers in your matching set, make sure that you also have some Brazilian cut knickers too (also known as cheeky cut).

Brazilians are super comfy to wear, so don't worry that you're getting something you won't wear again. They are also by far the most flattering cut across your cheeks. Don't decide that you don't like your bum anyway and skip these, they are an absolute necessity.


Even if your feet aren't in the picture, you will stand very differently in heels to how you stand flat-footed - your bum will be tucked under and they'll work all kinds of magic on your thighs. 
Tall, thin heels tend to look best next to lingerie, but if you happen to have a penchant for Irregular Choice, Ruby Shoo or Iron Fist - bring them!

You don't need to be able to walk in the shoes. You can genuinely carry them into position, slip them on, wobble around like a baby giraffe learning to walk whilst your photo is being taken and then take them straight off. 


As long as you have the above, you're going to get through the session. I do tend to recommend having at least one change of lingerie, and I'll also talk through stockings/hold ups and accessories, because it's always better to have options, but the above items are the core of a session.

What We Can Provide


I call them our 'emergency fishnets'. Why fishnets? Because they are extremely flattering (so if you happen to have varicose veins they'll still look fab).

A gorgeous lace dress

If the thought of wearing only a bra and knicker set has brought you out in a cold sweat, panic no more. This versatile and stretchy dress will give more coverage, whilst still looking glam.

Lace Robes

These are so elegant, a client came in with one and we just had to get some, because there are so many ways they can be used. We have two colours - black or burgundy.

Plain white shirts

These work in so many different ways, for that 'Sunday morning' vibe. If you can snaffle your partner's shirt, do, otherwise, borrow from us.


We've got shoes in sizes 3 to 8, so if you never wear heels and don't want to buy some just for the session, chances are you can borrow from us.

Think you might be ready to fall in love with you?

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We're confident you will love your images, in which case simply deduct your deposit from whatever you choose to order.

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