Hey, you!
Yes, you, the one who thinks she can't.
The one who looks at other women's images, thinking "if only!". But, you know it has to stay an "If only", because you simply can't have beautiful images like that.

Guess what?
You're wrong!

Here are just a handful of poses you will look awesome in (and this is only a very small selection).

1 - Standing by the window

Sometimes, the simplest images are the best. Bring some lingerie in a strong colour to make this image pop, for you.

2 - Reclining on the sofa

Your eyes are going to be looking amazing, and this pose is going to show them off, to perfection for you.
Guaranteed to make you want to drink yourself in.

3 - Flat on your back

An image worth getting a manicure for! If you happen to have a statement bracelet, or ring, this is their chance to shine (along with gorgeous you, of course).

4 - The peacock

Don't think I can't hear you saying "But I don't have the legs for it" from here, I can!
This is the exact image to flip your perspective on everything you think you know about how you look. Great lighting will ensure you love your legs.
(Also, the perfect 'anonymous' image to put on your wall - I recommend having a great pair of shoes for this one).

5 - Reflections

The bravest pose you will adore the most. The one everyone thinks they could never do - reflections.
Yes, that's your comfort zone, you see far behind you, in the distance, but step outside of fear for this pose and you will feel the most confident, and the most gloriously empowered to appreciate your own body, you have ever felt.

I know you think you can't. You can. 
The best place to ask is in our body confidence boosting Facebook group for women, where you can chat to a whole load of women who also thought "I can't".

Much love,

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