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I’ve been ghosted

...and I'm ok with it.

You know that feeling when you've spoken with someone and felt like you've made a true connection? They get you, you get them. Then, all of a sudden, the phone goes to voicemail. A text gets no reply. It's like that brief moment of connection never happened.

Welcome to my world!

I'm not talking about getting ghosted by men (although the correct response to that is saying 'so long, and thank for all the fish' and moving on).

I get ghosted by clients. Or, I should say, potential clients. And I'm ok with it because I understand exactly how and why it happens.

When you exist to make people more confident, chances are they're not feeling all that confident when they first get in touch. My job is to instill enough confidence to get someone to the studio. Once that happens, everything else is plain sailing.  

But confidence ebbs and flows, it's not a constant thing. What you might feel whilst we're chatting everything through on the phone is not necessarily the same as you feel, lying in bed in the middle of the night, panicking about your body somehow not being 'right' (because, it's always the middle of the night, isn't it? When the worst panics happen).

But if we've chatted, and gotten on well, it is then really, really hard to say "You know what, Anna, I don't think I have the confidence after all".

What if I'm upset, that you've wasted my time (I'm not).
What if annoyed? (I'm not).
What if I think you're being silly (I don't).
What if I use my soothing voice to convince you it will all be fine? (OK, that literally could happen, as my 'messaging the Facebook page at 10.30pm in a mad panic' people will attest to).

You choose radio silence, and I completely understand.

I'll respect where you're at

If there is one thing we know to be really important, it's that coming along for a boudoir portrait is much less about what's happening with your body and much more about what's happening in your head.

Your brain may well be on a see-saw of:
"I would love to do this"
- "Except I can't"
"But it could be fab"
- "But I might look awful"
"But it could be really good for me"
- "But I just don't have the confidence"

and so on.
This is entirely normal, amongst our clients, so we are just waiting for that see-saw to rest on the side of "I can".  If you're not there yet, even if you thought you were, or really wanted to be - that's ok.
We'll wait.
We'll be ready for you when you are there.

Much love,
Anna xx

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