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Getting Beach Body Ready

Getting beach body ready is a 'thing'. I know it's a 'thing' because I've seen magazines telling me what diet I can use to 'drop 5 pounds in a week' whilst showing photos of celebs in bikinis that I don't have a hope in hell of looking like.

This doesn't reflect what I think about. I have a bikini that fits (sort of). I have sun tan lotion.

I'd be more interested in an article on
'how to shave your bikini line when you're using one hand to hold your stomach out of the way so that you can see it' (although to be honest, why bother?).
'which subtle fake tan can cover varicose veins effectively, whilst not making you smell like manky biscuits'.*
Or maybe
'toe hair, just why?'

(*ok, not really, I'm pale and uninteresting and I'm fine with that).

I'm just after a more realistic view of the world I actually inhabit, rather than losing 5 pounds to end up not looking anything like Myleene Klass. I automatically am beach body ready.

Because sometimes, life isn't about trying to be the most glamorous, attractive and alluring version of myself.  If someone doesn't like how I look on a beach, may I respectfully suggest they sod off to a different beach?

The Smart Photography Guide to Getting Beach Body Ready

To that end, I gathered a team of experts, to get real on what it means to get Beach Body Ready.
Here's the result.

Massive thank you to our fabulous clients  Charly, Sian and Beth for coming along and taking part in this, alongside our photographer Rachel and me.

If you'd like to go on a body confidence journey and improve your body image, just get in touch below.

Much love,
Anna xx


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