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Embrace Your Body Project – Juliette

When Juliette first got in contact with us she said "I’m a nurse who’s feeling very non-glam, and because of my job I never get a chance to be glam! I'm a single mum who feels a bit jaded with life! I have followed your page for years, and have wanted to do it for so long, but have never had the courage to apply. I have always felt an experience like this would make me appreciate my body more. Having not long turned 40 I have spent most of my 20’s and 30’s loathing my body, but instead I would like to celebrate it for what it has achieved, and for being strong and healthy."

How were you feeling about your body before your session?

"Not particularly fond of it, I’ve never been particularly confident about my body. I felt a little bit overweight and out of shape."

From scrubs to glam

Working day to day as a nurse didn't help Juliette to feel confident in her appearance, or glamorous in any way, not to mention being a single mother consuming her time away from that not-so-glamorous job. Thankfully we managed to fit in plenty of pampering for her.

 "Oh, it was really good, it went really well, I felt really relaxed, I felt really comfortable. Everybody made me feel really comfortable. I felt very glamorous. I was made to be put at ease and it was really good."

Like many clients, Juliette knew how many women we have helped to look and feel amazing, she'd been watching the Facebook page for years, but she STILL had that little voice of doubt saying "yes, it's worked for all of those women, but it won't work for me because..."

Did the nerves set back in?

"Yes, a little bit, I didn't know what to expect. I've seen what you do with people on Facebook and stuff, so I was hoping that would look amazing like theirs, but yes I was nervous about how I was going to look and how my body was going to look, I think everybody feels the same really."

Only to be quickly extinguished

"I feel really good about it, it’s been a really positive experience. I've been made to feel more confident about myself, definitely. I feel more confident that I've come here on my own, and I've done this on my own, and I've gotten naked in front of people that I don't even know, who I've literally just has a ten-minute conversation with. It's all stuff that I would never have done normally, so I feel very positive. 

My friends just think it's a really kick-ass thing to do, they're like “oh my God, I would never do anything like that!” My sisters like “you rock! oh my God, I couldn't do anything like that.” So yeah, I feel really positive about that."

A few final words from Juliette for anyone considering taking part

"Just do it, and enjoy it, because it's definitely worth doing and you only live once I say. Life's for living and you should embrace yourself, and I think self-love is really important, and we don't do enough of it in the world. I think every woman should do it and every woman should feel beautiful about herself."

The Embrace Your Body Project is all about empowering women to love themselves and their bodies, as they are, right now.

It's about embracing our bodies, whatever flaws we may think we have, and accepting ourselves.

It's about showing that nobody is perfect, but that we are all beautiful in our imperfections.

And it's about sharing that experience with other women, to help them on their journey to body confidence.

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