Obviously anyone who comes to us for a session is asked if they are happy for us to share their images, that fact doesn't change if you are coming in as part of our 'Embrace Your Body' project. This client has chosen to keep her images private, but would like to share her experience with you.

When she first got in contact with us, she told us "I've reached an age where I've learnt to love my body - imperfections and all!"

What pushed you to get in contact and be part of the Embrace Your Body Project?

"I think these days there's too much emphasis on the 'perfect body' and I think we all should embrace what we've got, so that's why I decided to put my name down and come forward to have a go."

How did you feel about your body before your session?

"Although I've learned over the years as I'm getting older, to embrace my body imperfections and all, I've still got a lot of reservations when being photographed and coming in for that day I was a bit nervous but it all turned out alright."

How did you feel about the session itself on the day?

"I really enjoyed it, I felt very at ease - I must have done because I did a naked shot, which I didn't think I ever would - and I felt so comfortable and everyone put me at ease."

Did you start to feel nervous about coming back to see your photos, after the session? 

"Yes, I was wondering how they would look because I don't like my photographs being taken, so I was a little bit apprehensive about how they were going to turn out and I'm pleasantly surprised at how they have."

How are you feeling about yourself now that you've seen your photos?

"I'm actually feeling quite good. I have like put it on a little bit of weight, but then you know what, why worry? It's nothing to worry about. There's nothing to worry about at all."

Is there anything else you could say to someone who's feeling apprehensive coming along for their own session?

"I'd say "just give it a go" because you'll be pleasantly surprised.
It's hard to say, but anyone that is nervous or  worried about how they're going to look should just go for it. Life's too short to worry about things - don't  look at all the things you see in the media, and on the TV, or in magazines or whatever, they've all been airbrushed, and there are some normal women out there."

The Embrace Your Body Project is all about empowering women to love themselves and their bodies, as they are, right now.

It's about embracing our bodies, whatever flaws we may think we have, and accepting ourselves.

It's about showing that nobody is perfect, but that we are all beautiful in our imperfections.

And it's about sharing that experience with other women, to help them on their journey to body confidence.

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