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Extreme weight loss and reconnecting with you

Extreme weight loss is an amazing achievement and should leave you feeling fabulous, surely? 

It's not always the case.
Firstly - it's not necessarily so that your skin disappears along with the pounds. Depending on how elastic your skin is, how quick your weight loss is and other factors, it's really common to be left with excess skin that you now feel is unsightly.

Secondly - even if the weight loss has been quick, it's taken some amount of time. And what looks dramatic to other people when they see you, has happened relatively slowly for you, looking in your mirror. 

This gives your brain a chance to 'trick' you, and keep showing you the size you were before you lost weight. Your mental image almost replaces your mirror image, so whilst everyone around you is exclaiming over how different you look, you're not seeing it for yourself.

The perfect time to have your portrait taken...

is not really what you're thinking.
Because, hey, look at your body now - so different to everyone else's. And anyway, what if you still feel you look fat?

A boudoir portrait session can be daunting enough - if you think you're somehow 'out of the ordinary' too, it becomes even more so.

Remember - you're not so different

Please don't feel that it's just you, because it really, really isn't.  We've met a lot of women who are going through the same thing and it always makes me sad that they're not reveling in their achievement, because you should be!

We have all (well, almost all) got, hidden under our clothes, wobbly bits, scars, cellulite and stuff we just don't want anyone else to see. Bits of us that we find so achingly disappointing, because we think we somehow just don't measure up.

And trust me when I say that someone is looking at you thinking "I wish I could be more like her". Whilst we're comparing ourselves to someone else, and finding ourselves wanting, there's always someone doing the same with us.

You're not in competition

You are so not in competition - not with other women, not with yourself. Your past self who you may want to feel better than, or your future self you are hoping to be. Feel proud to be you, to have achieved what you have and don't hold yourself to some higher standard that you would never impose on a friend.

We're not here to highlight the bits of you you don't love

There is nothing about your portrait session that says you have to display bits you want to keep hidden. Not for you, not for anyone!

At your pre session chat we'll talk about the bits you want to highlight (and the bits you want to hide) and go through the best lingerie to wear to achieve exactly the look you want.

We are here to highlight your achievement

You should be proud of your extreme weight loss, and proud of yourself. So our job is to help you start to change your mental picture of yourself, by showing you a different perspective on how you look.

When you look in a mirror your brain may be able to play it's tricks, but looking at photos, one after another, it has no chance to swap the image you're actually seeing - so you get to see yourself as you are now.

It's our job to help you fall in love...with you.

Much love,

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