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5 excuses not to have a boudoir portrait session, even if you really want one

1. I'm too fat/not curvy enough

Everyone seems to think there must be a 'right way to look' for boudoir, and if you're not hitting that ideal, then it just won't work for you.

In reality, there is no set size that's ideal, because different poses work for different body shapes. Every woman will have poses that look amazing for her... and then some that don't - so we skip the ones that don't!

2. I'm too old

I've heard this from women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, & 60s, as if being a certain age precludes you from being fabulous. I won't say we're only as old as we feel, as that would make me 106, but the 'too old for boudoir' thing? I'm not having it. Age is just an irrelevant number in this building.

3. I've got nothing to wear

Look - you don't need to have a wardrobe full of Agent Provocateur's finest, and most of us wouldn't be able to shoehorn ourselves into it anyway. 

You need a lot less than you think. If you've got a matching bra and knicker set, stockings, Brazilian cut knickers, and some heels then you've got the basics covered (and we can provide the stockings & heels anyway) .

Come for a 'Body As Art' session and you need nothing more than your gorgeous self.

4. I don't want my images to be seen on Facebook, or anywhere else

Grateful though we are to clients who will allow us to share their images, it's not something we take for granted. In fact, the default position is that your images can't be used by us, unless you expressly allow us to do so.

Whether it's your job that means you don't want your images shared, or just your personal preference, we totally understand.

5. I don't have the confidence 

If you're waiting for the day you look at yourself naked in the mirror and think "wow, I need to get myself a photo of this, right now" well, if you're anything like me that's going to be a pretty long wait.

This one's a leap of faith. Take a look through our photo albums on Facebook/Instagram/website - because that's a whole load of women who all thought they didn't have the confidence. 

You don't need to come to us feeling like a confident goddess - but we'll make sure you leave feeling like one.

After reading all this, do you think you might actually be ready to fall in love with you?

Come along for a complimentary boudoir portrait session and enjoy our 'Fall in Love With You' Guarantee.
If you don't love your images, we will refund your deposit, in full.

We're confident you will love your images, in which case simply deduct your £ 50 booking deposit from whatever you choose to order.

Just fill in the short form below and take the first step to falling in love with you.


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