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Emma’s Boudoir Journey

If you think:
- you can't do it
- you don't have the confidence 
- you don't have the right body
- you have too many health issues

then this is for you. Fill out the form at the bottom if you're ready to take that leap to body confidence.

One of our lovely clients got in touch, to let us know how her portrait session had made real change in her life.

I know that you know how life changing your photo shoots are and mine gave me such a boost but I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been helped. I have the first print that you gave me up above my mirror at home, I’ve moved it about in times of stress to remind me how strong I am because the woman in the picture shows strength. The pictures show sides to me I had forgotten, the shoot reminded me how brave I can be and that my anxiety isn’t out of control.
I’ve now had my surgery and I don’t think I would’ve made it through the five hour wait and the long walk alone from the waiting room to theatre, without your help. When they called my name for surgery and as I visited the ladies one last time and felt my legs buckle and fear take hold, I stopped and focused on that photo, that image you captured of me, strong, fearless and independent.

I took some deep breaths and said she can do it! And I did.

You made it so much easier for me, I have no doubt in my mind that your photo shoot has changed me forever and given me back some of the fight I’d lost. I’m starting to rebuild my life, I’ve turned my business around, I’ve come through my operation and recovered so well (I’ve amazed myself and the team). I’m putting myself first and you gave me the starting blocks to do this. I can’t wait to book another shoot when I’m well again and hopefully sporting a new tattoo of a rising Phoenix.

I know I have a way to go but thank you all for showing me who I am and who I can still be.

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved.  



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