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Why does ‘youthfulness’ give you confidence?

Here's something I'm pondering after seeing an (incredibly long) infomercial at the weekend, about some super duper eye cream that will restore youth and thus, seemingly hand in hand with this, confidence.

"Imagine how much younger and more confident you will feel" the presenter said.

Again and again and again. The phrase was repeated so often it genuinely is ingrained on my brain now.

Clearly, then, this is a persuasive marketing message for women (although, to be fair they did briefly mention men, because obviously there is no reason men shouldn't feel deeply insecure about the ageing process too).

The thing is, I wasn't at all confident, when I was younger

Yes, I may have been less wrinkly and less saggy, but I was also quite definitely a lot less confident in my teens, twenties and thirties than I am now, in my mid-forties (I have one week left of 'mid').

Not to mention the fact that we currently seem to have an epidemic of young women feeling absolutely bloody terrible about themselves.  Women are starting to have, for example, plastic surgery, at ever younger ages. We're obsessed with 'fixing' ourselves and no one seems to be comfortable in themselves, at whatever age.

If women a whole lot younger than me are not feeling great about who they are, then youthfulness is not giving them confidence.  Why would some sort of fake youthfulness give me any?

I can't win a fight against ageing

If I tie my self-confidence up in how old I am or look, then I'm immediately putting an expiry date on my own confidence. I'm entering a battle I definitely can't win, in the long term.

Since I like winning, I'm going to stack the odds in my favour by embracing the fact that age is making me more comfortable in who I am, not less so.

Much love,

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