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Does Accepting Yourself Mean Giving up on Change?

Some women have almost a fear of body acceptance, because they think it means giving up on ever changing, and just accepting you'll always be the same (or, let's be honest, it's all downhill from here anyway).

This fear is completely understandable - if I love myself as I am right now, why would I want to change a thing?

Love and acceptance do not mean perfection

Just because you love someone, it doesn't mean you think they're perfect, does it? So allowing yourself to love yourself, doesn't mean you consider yourself perfect either. It simply means letting go of constant self-criticism.

Think of your best friend

You love them, right? 

If they wanted to lose weight, you wouldn't refuse to love them, and be nothing but negative towards them, until they'd done it. You wouldn't consider them weak, disgusting or unlovable. 

You'd support them in their goal, knowing that, whether they achieve it or not, they're awesome. They're worthwhile. They are valuable in your life. You'll love them anyway, because you were never defining them by how they looked or what they weighed.

It's ok to do that for yourself to

You can support yourself in your own goals in life and still accept yourself, before you've reached them. You can literally choose to do that.

You can choose to be your own biggest cheerleader, and work to change your internal dialogue to one of encouragement, not criticism. But it is work and you have to make it a conscious decision - rarely do we get to just wake up one morning, feeling awesome about ourselves. We have to make an effort to achieve that for ourselves.

The biggest part of that effort by far, is making that mental leap that it is definitely ok to like/accept/love yourself now.

So, take it on board, as a concept. Think of it in relation to other people. Do you hope that your partner/friends/children feel good about themselves?
Is there really any reason why, despite the fact they are not perfect, they shouldn't accept and love themselves?

You're not the exception.

Much love,

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