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Ditch Your ‘Before’

Is your 'before' photo motivating you, or messing with your mind?

I meet a lot of women who have been on major weight loss journeys. 4 stone, 7 stone, even 12 stone!

These are amazing achievements in getting healthy, and every one of these women should be feeling proud. But the reason I meet them, is the exact opposite. They're not feeling proud. They're often feeling disheartened. When they look in the mirror, they can't see the difference.

They'll always show me a before photo

Across the board, the photos most to hand to show to me will be 'before' photos.
Typically, our clients don't like having the photos taken, so they won't have a lot of photos of themselves. The ones they look at and remind themselves of, though, are the befores.

The version of yourself you see the most, is how you think you look

I've said this before with regard to photos - because the version of yourself you see in the mirror is the opposite way round to how everyone else sees you, and how you appear in photos - this is one of the major reasons people think they look 'off' in photos.

But we can also get a bit used to not really 'seeing' ourselves in mirrors.

If the version of yourself you look at most often is your 'before', are you training your brain that that's who you are?

So that when you look in the mirror, your brain infills the version of you it's most familiar with?

Do 'before' photos trap your brain in the past?

I really think they do.
For all people say "this was me" when showing their 'before', I think their brains are hearing "this is me".

Whilst I understand wanting to keep these images, I think there is equal, if not more value, in pushing past 'photo fear' and having at least one 'now' photo to look at - so that every time you look at an old one, you also remind your brain that things have changed.

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