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What a difference a bra makes

I haven't talked lingerie in a while, so here's a post about bras, and why it's important to wear a good one.

I don't just mean for a boudoir shoot either - the right bra will make a difference, whether you're showing it off or not.

Also, in my newer bra, I look magically thinner!

For a boudoir portrait session, though, a good bra is going to to make a massive difference.
Now, my chest seem to turn blancmange-like when I lie down, and frankly, any material is going to struggle. But an old bra is going to do nothing at all to keep all where it should be, and it's natural urge to sneak into my armpits is going to show. A lot.

My newer bra is much better at everything pointing upwards (although I am now going to shop until I find one that is perfect. Possibly made of steel?) but it is stopping  the 'side seepage' so evident with the old bra, and helping my breasts to keep their shape much better.

And this is why, when you ask what to wear for your boudoir portrait session, the very first thing I will talk about is finding a good bra to wear.

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Tracey-Jane - May 26, 2017 Reply

So pleased you’re talking about this. The right bra for you makes such a difference, and yes, can take inches off you!

Now what is a “good bra”? I spend up to 2 hours on this when I’m training new Bra fitters! It’s not simple is all I’ll say here! 😉

If anyone does need help finding the right bra for them, our Bra coach team are happy to help.

You look fab btw 😉

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