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Confidence In How You Look Is Your Choice To Make

You don't need to wait for someone else to make you feel more confident - you can choose to be confident in how you look and who you are.


So today I'm talking a bit about how confidence in how you look isn't really based on how you look - and I know this because there are loads of beautiful people around who are striving to change themselves. They think that if they could work out more or eat less or find the perfect makeup or tweak something about themselves, then they could be better.

And then there are people like me, normal ordinary people who, we know that we're not beautiful. We're not waiting for Vogue to call, desperate to have us on the front cover, but were ok with that. We're not striving to change everything about ourselves. So at some point, confidence isn't something that somebody else can give to you, it is something that you can make a decision to have.

So, you can literally just decide "right, that's it, from now on I am going to accept that this is how I look, this is who I am, this is me and I'm fine with that". And it's not that you think that you have no - flaws from school onwards I've had my physical defects pointed out to me - it's just that I've decided 'so what? who cares?' what does it matter?'.

I know that in this digital, social media age, where people look at and rate other people, that there are plenty of people who would feel perfectly happy to tell me that I have no right to feel confident in how I look.

They'd be more than happy to point out my flaws to me.

I don't care,

I can't be bothered,

I'm not going to play their game. 

I wasn't put here to impress them with how I look,

wasn't put here to impress anybody and neither were you.

Much love, 



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