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How Do You Get The Confidence To Have a Boudoir Portrait Session?

If you've ever thought "all of those women who go along for boudoir portraits have so much more confidence than me", and wondered how to get that confidence, the answer is very simple - you don't!

The Big Boudoir Myth

The idea that you have to be feeling confident to come and have a boudoir portrait session is a complete myth.

Most of our clients are feeling at best, under confident and, more likely, absolutely terrified!

They haven't achieved a level of body confidence that the rest of us just have to wish we had. Instead, they've taken a leap of faith.

It's Our Job to Make You Feel Confident

So it stands to reason that we don't expect you to turn up and shout "Hey, I'm here! Shall I take my clothes off now!"

Every part of our process is designed around understanding that you don't feel confident. We understand your fears - how could we not when every client has them?

The Most Common Worries

Here are some of the concerns we hear from our clients:

  • Will they find me too much of a challenge?
  • Can I even go through with this?
  • What if all of my lumps and bumps show?
  • Am I going to look ridiculous, trying to look sexy?
  • What if I don't like my photos?

Your Fears Are Normal

When you're stepping outside of your comfort zone, your brain will tell you anything to keep you in it.  You have to push back sometimes, or you'll be held back from doing things you want to try.

So What Can You Do?

If your brain is see-sawing between wanting a boudoir portrait session, but not having the confidence to come and do one, here are a few things you can do, to tip the balance.

  • Chat with me on the phone. You'll soon realise I know exactly where your're coming from (not least because I've been there myself!)
  • Come and visit the studio. You can pop in for a coffee and a look around, meet the team and maybe even snuggle one of the dogs. Having a clear mental picture of where you're coming to gives you one less thing to worry about.
  • Read some reviews. ALL of these women had the same fears as you - and overcame them. If they can, then so can you!
  • Join our Fall in Love With You Facebook group - dedicated to helping women to boost their body confidence.
  • Speak to someone who's already done it - just ask and I'll put you in touch.

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