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Coming soon to Witney…Us!

This building is going to look much improved with a big sign saying 'Smart Photography' on the front, don't you agree?

Don't panic - we haven't moved yet! We're still in Long Hanborough right now. Above is our new, larger premises we got the keys for on Monday 16th January.

We have a LOT of work to do, before we invite you in, but we'll be showing you the progress as we go along (just because I can't resist sharing!).

The new studio will be bigger, allowing us greater flexibility in what we can shoot. Plus we've got much more space for both you -  our fabulous clients - and also our staff. Maybe even space for Bailey to have his own bed, rather than nicking the sofas...

We'll be very easy to find, and we know that Witney is a lot more convenient for many people to get to. You'll even be able to take a stroll around the local lake, which is just about a one minute walk away.

I have more images to share with you tomorrow, but for now, I just wanted to share our fab news!

Soooo looking forward to seeing you at our new studio...soon!

Much love,

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