There's something inherently nice about the words 'comfort zone'.  It's a place of safety, it's cosy in there, why, really would you ever want to leave? It's just about your favourite place to be. What's not to love about being comfortable?

Your comfort zone gives the illusion of being good for you. It's cosseting you and looking after you.
But what if really it's something your mind has constructed to limit you? To keep you where it thinks you're safest? Meanwhile, outside it, there are things that tempt you beyond where you think your limits are...showing you that, actually, your self imposed boundaries often aren't all that real.

If confidence is like a muscle that needs regular exercise to keep it strong (and I truly believe it is), then every footstep away from your comfort zone is exercising your confidence.

As your confidence grows, your comfort zone expands - showing you that it was never really there in the first place. But never leave it, and your comfort zone shrinks around you, and it may feel like your own safe little cocoon, but what are you missing out on, by always staying within it?

If you change the words 'comfort zone' to 'self-limiting beliefs' it doesn't sound so cosy and fabulous. It sounds more like something that just might be holding you back from doing more - from expanding your horizons and discovering that plenty of things you automatically think "I can't" to, actually, you can.

So, every now and then, push against your comfort zone. Do the thing that your heart says "yes" to while your brain whispers "not you, not you, not you".

Much love,

Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone, so my advice to all is...have a glass of champagne, put on a ravishing smile and dive straight in!!
Thank you so much team xx


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