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Come and see us on Instagram

You may have noticed that we've started posting on Instagram - if you've never been for a portrait session with us, take a look as we're trying to give you an idea of what a day with us is like - from arrival right through to leaving.

It's such a useful way for us to introduce the studio and the team to you, and we really appreciate all of our 'Instagram models' who have come along so far.  We need more of you!

Ready to be one of our Instagram models?

If you've been thinking of coming along for a session with us, now's your chance to take the plunge with a complimentary session. Plus, as a thank you for being one of our models, we'll offer you 20% off anything on our pricelist, from individual prints right up to our largest wall art.

If you feel a boudoir session would be a bit more revealing than you'd like, but have a posh dress or two you never get to wear, then we will also consider models for makeover sessions too.

Incidentally, by 'model' we mean women over the age of 18. We are not looking for models of a certain age, height, body shape. So this is open to pretty much anyone!

For a feel for what you're final images will be like - here's Kirsty who came along to us last weekend. 
At the bottom are the 'Instagrammed' images taken during Kirsty's portrait session, and at the top her final portraits (which she came along to see today).

Many thanks to Kirsty for being such a fab model for us.

Register to be an Instagram model here:

I'll be in touch, so make sure you pop our number into your phone - 01993 883645.
Much love,

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