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New lingerie shop in Witney!

I’ve probably got a little bit more excited about this than I should, to be fair, but
1. this is something Witney really needs
2. this is somewhere I can recommend to our DD+ cup sized clients
3. I am DD+ cup sized myself, so not having to haul myself to Oxford every time I want new underwear really appeals. (Yes, I could shop online, but I find cup sizes vary so much, I like to try everything on before I buy).

Thus it was that I hurled myself into the shop when I spotted it yesterday, and enthusiastically shook the hand of the lovely, and bemused lady whom I presume to be the owner. I’m pretty sure that most people don’t react with quite this level of enthusiasm, but then most people don’t spend their week racking their brains for places for everyone else to get good bra and knicker sets from either.

The shop is Keress Lingerie, and they’re at 9 Wesley Walk (by the back of the Methodist Church, handily near to the one hour parking at Waitrose).

They had a lovely range from Curvy Kate in stock, and a brand I had never heard of called Empreinte, which had some gorgeous pieces.
They’re also stocking swimwear, and I am sure she mentioned there is more due in.
They have a (very new) Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/keress16/

If you’re shopping for your boudoir session, or just know it’s time to update your lingerie, I would really recommend a look here (although perhaps be a little bit less like an over enthusiastic puppy than I was about it).

Much love,

Barbie Gets a Makeover

Better late than never, Barbie is getting real! Or ‘real-er’ anyway.
The Barbie doll has hit the news today with 3 new body shapes and 7 skin tones. There are now 23 different Barbie dolls to reflect the variety of real women and to help children feel more in touch with a doll that is more like them.

Mattel, the creator of the toys, said “the new range was designed to promote a healthy and realistic body image and would better reflect the diversity of those who play with the dolls.” Good news then, when Barbie has repeatedly been accused of promoting an unhealthy body image.

Andrew Radford, the chief executive of eating disorder charity Beat, said he was delighted Mattel had introduced more diversity to the Barbie range. “For a long time Beat has campaigned against the constant portrayal of a very slender look as the only aspirational ideal for young people,” he said.

Scarily, this is the biggest update since 1959, so to say it’s been a long time coming is something of an understatement. The new dolls will also boast 24 new hairstyles, including an afro, curly red hair and even long blue hair, a long way from the bright blonde locks traditionally associated with Barbie.

So celebrate whatever your body type, shape, eye and hair colour may be! (Personally I am loving blue hair Barbie, but then we were a Sindy household anyway).
Let me know your thoughts on the new Barbie below – particularly whether you think this is a good first step, or doesn’t go far enough.


Much love,
Anna xx